2nd chance

here is the 2 year old Little Brown/Tuko/2nd Chance
he has had 3 names because when he arrived at our acreage i called him
Little Brown
his name is actually Tuko
now I call him '2nd Chance' because.....he is not learning or responsive
and seems dull and this is concerning to see that in a young horse.  Mantracker had taken
him to a professional training clinic in June for 4 days.  The consensus there was the same, the horse does not want to move or react, like he has an attitude of  which is a bit scary?
So Mantracker has had to dig deeper with a new plan
in his training for this one.

There is always a horse or two that will not learn like some of the others
and the trainer must adapt to a new method.

today his head is up and ears forward and he gets to run around the arena with
all the saddle gear on him by himself and he has to learn to accept the bit with the reins most importantly.   He seems fine with
the saddle.

go 2nd Chance!  you can learn this stuff!

anyways always interesting because Mantracker says it would be boring
if he didn't have a challenge "I would not learn and I would become dull too!"


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