fitter is better

 I started the 21 day fix with
end of May this year
I am busy doing my 30 minute workouts every day since
and I did not realize the fitness level I am at now

I rode Rocky this afternoon
it was hot and bugs weren't too bad
when I stepped into the stirrup to swing up
and over I couldn't believe how simple that
was.  No left sciatic to numb my foot and
more strength and speed in getting
this is why I work out!
one of the reasons that is for sure!

this horse is a good ole boy but he is pretty soft, not in riding shape for a 20 year old
horse and I need to get him out more. 

so this afternoon was hotter than I thought
and Rocky was really sweating after 1/2 hour and I only
trotted him around the arena for 20 minutes
I had to get off him to longe him a little bit more
as the team work was not there between him and I, yet.

anyhow when I did that
he was lathered up around the breast collar
and his neck was wet

It was time to quit
maybe go again tonite?

I was overheated too once
I got into the tack room
to put away his bridle/reins
I needed a sit down on the deck!
(face flushed/feeling weak)

I am getting back in the game in the fall here when weather is cooler and
horse flies stop biting, then it's good horse riding!  In the meantime short rides
in our yard will be perfect this month.

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