Motherwell History + RSO

We took a day trip to this National Historical Park at Abernathy, Sask.  You can tour through the
whole house inside and eat what was baking in the kitchen, a beautiful home
for that era and farming lifestyle.

Motherwell Stone house restored to 1912-1918 era
built in very late 1800's

huge barn built 1908

stonework under barn

Steam Engine (early 1900s farming) revving up to start the threshing and
stooking  equipment for harvest

I did not think they would get this thing running
but  they did and they forked and stooked and
the grain fell into the wagon behind

love these Mules who were all black and shiny and the long ears
were so prominent.  There were Belgians and Clydsdales pulling wagons, as well, for
rides around the different entrances to this very large farmstead.

I would recommend this day trip to Abernathy SK
it is really a farm homestead worth learning about.

The Regina Symphony Orchestra performed in the afternoon
the main reason I came here today was to listen to them perform.  I am guessing at least
1500 to 2000 people here if not more.

so calming and beautiful to listen in the outdoors
under the trees and in my lawn chair

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