slow firestarter today

I am joyful
I am so much fitter
than I was 3 months ago
it all looks good
from my pics below?

let's be real
and talk about when you are still
fit and joyful
but doggin' the odd day
and your mind says

that's me
don't wanna' day
stay home
read, meditate
pet a horse
share here
that my left neck and shoulder
is annoying me
though not really painful
just a bit bite-y

even when I 'dog- it' like today I find
I am doing a work -out at 3 pm this afternoon
because it's habit and my body and mind say
we are missing something - get it?

keep it going
keep it real, stay low and know it
sucks when the mood hits you like that
get your fire starter sessions going

1 comment:

Tommy Kirk said...

You definitely look a lot better. Happy to know you're still doing this and you're able to do the things you want.

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