So Simple

I finished picking shelling and furiously eating each pea from our garden today and realized this was a childhood joy.   Going to the garden and  quickly yanking the vines to grab the fat bulging pods, ripping open each one and devouring the peas placed perfectly side by side in the shell.  Its better than Christmas.  Its crazy to still behave that way now in my retiring days at 60.   I think i am immature and childlike when i do that.   It is also a burst of the good life moment.

going to the pea patch and swimming in the local lakes this summer; as a child i remember
the feelings of doing something,
the feelings i get when in action,
an action that is so simple...
so simply soulful.

Our garden is plentiful.
We have potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatos and corn.
The corn is doing well but we are wary of the racoons
that will surely show up and eat all the niblets just when
the cobs are ready for eating.
An electric fence or even a radio by the garden on a timer
works too (we have been told).

How is your garden this year?
I am pretty proud we have one.
The soil is great here for growing.

What moments do you remember and still relish from those
innocent times way back when?

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