Not A BeachBody Just A Dance Student

I began the beachbody fitness programs in June this year.
I did the 21 day fix, yes for 21 days I worked out
from my DVD on my TV for 30 minutes each day.
My Yoga teacher is a beachbody coach and I asked her
one question.  Is this too much for a woman my age?

I was concerned I was too senior to be
working out with weights, pushups and the
cardio.  I was motivated to make my life
more fun and energized and I was willing to
work hard for it.  She recommended the 21 day fix.

So did that and now for the last 2 months I have been
dancing.  I love it!
here is a sample video.

There are so many other fitness challenges and DVD's to purchase and workout with but I chose
this one.

Just to share that if you want to check out the beachbody team and be part of a fitness community.
here is the link and their is a 30 day free membership and also if you join and do not like the programs or Shakeology powder drink there is a 30 day refund. 

it is all about support, working hard with professional trainers and knowing your beachbody nutritionists are number 1 in their Shakeology powder that complements your energy and health while working out.

It is such an uplift of mood and confidence.

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