Mom and Son

a weekend visit just Mom and son

We went to a movie at the theatre and walked to an open gym at Elmwood Park
did some minimal workouts.  Quite an interesting concept I hope people use it?

 I like this creek and bridge.  It is my fav part of this city 

Tom's pets named Bella and Chico
have grown and very fortunate they don't have to
reside in a cage.  Tom built this open concept living arrangement

they do have a cage but at home this is their space
it looks fun and they keep to this area pretty well

we also went mini-golfing and shopped for some updates to
his living room which was fun because Tom spent the money and I put forth
decorating suggestions.  It turned out well considering he only had the sofa's in this 
living area for 2 years.

Much better!

We live 4 1/2 hours away from Tom so don't see him
as much but when we do it is good!


Tommy Kirk said...

It was definitely worth having you up. You're always welcome to my home <3

Catherine said...

I didn't even know that outside gym was there Donna! Now I have to go try it. How fun! Tom's place is looking very nice! Kurtis left the nest (finally...haha) earlier this year and it's been fun helping him decorate. Bitter sweet when our babies grow up but it does a mamma's heart proud! :)
Take care friend!
xo Catherine

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