stressors out

we have been handling an issue with the purchase of
our home and acreage for the past year
and it has finally been resolved but not without a
poor relationship developed with the vendor
and extra funds $$$ poured out by us we had not planned for.
Once the shock that this money needed to be paid
and several conversations to understand why is now over.
 Over and resolved but still has me wondering what happens to the
emotions and anxiety of working it out with strangers I am still holding
  in my body.   We didn't win but we got our legal rebate $$.

It's like looking through the fence and seeing the other side
then when you are on the other side it just smells
like a dirty hole we were forced to climb through and rulings that was missed by our realtor
and our lawyer.
It is just money, but that line is getting old with me.

"Sunshine in and darkness out"


Tommy Kirk said...

Have you guys considered hiring a lawyer and taking the $16K fee to court? You legitimately didn't know this and they may be able to help you.

Donna said...

its a done legit deal and we got our 36% rebate - so it's over

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