watching over

I was looking at some free downloadable professional photos 
 from the Pexels website (thanks to a blogger friend at Words Art Life for this tip)
and this photo struck me the right way. I felt something when I looked at this
picture.. so here is what I felt:

I feel we are all sheep roaming about and we are all watched over, herded even, and when I see
these sheep and the sheep herder I think of life.  How we gather sometimes and then in this glorified 
country of Canada we know we can roam freely too.

I believe we are watched over with patience and love.

I know that I have been and still am guided, watched over,  listened to
by a higher being.  

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wordsartlife said...

A beautiful sentiment! I love it when we see something or hear something that strikes a cord in our very soul. Your post is very thoughtful and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing this. Also, thank you for the mention! So sweet!

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