it is a different September
because of our garden

I do believe September is the new January
everything starts anew and I am not used to all these
tomatoes and trying to keep up with
freezing them as they turn red
in the garden

I am not a canner!
So instead I boil the skins off for 45 secs in boiling water then plopped them in
ice water and the skins fall off (neat) and then I squeeze out the
seeds and juice gently with my hands
and place them into a freezer bag
then  I am putting them in the
coldest part of my deep freezer.
It says they can last up to 12 months like this.
(keep the bags airtight)

Then all the corn cobs had to be brought in 
and we husked them and boiled the cobs, culled the niblets off
and put them in freezie bags

now there are carrots to freeze
they are HUGE.  It's too much for just hubby and I
Food Bank maybe?

So I am a rookie with harvesting a garden
and some of you are canners and die-hards with how to
keep your vegetables lasting through the winter(s).
We will do things differently next year like thinning out the carrot plants
more consistently, and maybe planting 3 tomato plants instead of 6.

Anyway the garden is a good thing and it seems
in this country we can grow our own food in abundance!

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Tommy Kirk said...

I think next time you should look at what you're buying. There are many different strains and variety of a single crop. The carrots were very good but obviously way too big. I really did love the corn, best corn I ever had so I hope you remember which kind of corn it was. :\

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