behind the trees-a rejuvenation

sitting and resting on the recliner this afternoon
it's 6 pm
I look out the living room window and get this view!

my week has been
well, busy enough for me.

I find I have to review the weeks events:

I gave blood on Tuesday
Went to my Chair Yoga Class Wednesday
Attended a friend's funeral Thursday
She was 64
I worked with her here in Yorkton for a few months
now she is gone she had health struggles and
it got too complicated at the end
It is not how long we are on this earth..
it is how we lived it (I thought she lived it well)

I put up homemade vegetable soup with our
potatoes and carrots and tomatoes we brought in
from our garden for supper.

I have done 3 beachbody workouts this week
from the 21 day fix program;
I am starting it again,
need that bit of weight training and 
cardio back in my life (wink)

We do so much more than we think we do.
I could add to it.  I find
if you review your week and write it down
its amazing how much you are doing;
it may seem small but it all takes time

I recognize ... that funeral took a bit
out of me

refreshing myself
it is important

Happy Weekend!

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