Rooting In

Since my September is like a new year (as for many I am sure) and summer ends and issues get resolved or issues get started I needed something to strengthen prayer; to keep me more centered and in more control.  So.....

 I am re-studying the Chakra System.   There are 7 main chakra points in the body.  My root chakra was weak and so was my heart chakra.  I am a student of Healing Touch Energy Therapy and I have lost my way with this so I am getting on board again.

Here is my 7 chakras and what they mean to me (my interpretations) in relation to what they provide when the energy is open on each is my wording when I want to ensure I am open.

Root Chakra
(this is at the base of the spine)
it means that I feel I belong, I am safe and I am
enough  I am financially secure.  I am strongly connected
to my family and I love all my material possessions!

Sacral Chakra
(this is your reproductive area above the
pubic bone)
I am a sensuous woman and I enjoy my intimacy with
people who honour me.  I am creative and my creativity
is worthwhile.

Personal Power Chakra
(this chakra is under the breast bone in the abdominal section)
I have confidence and make decisions easily.
I communicate and am heard.

Heart Chakra
(this is where your heart is which is below the throat and above the breast or breast bone area)
I am full of gratitude and love.
I wish myself and others well, without feeling sorry for anyone.
I am lovingly accepting myself for who I am.

Throat Chakra
(this is at the throat area)
I speak the truth.  I enjoy my self-expression
I listen and I am heard.

Third Eye Chakra
(this is between the eyebrows)
I trust my intuition.  I am a discerning person.

Crown Chakra
(this is the top of your head or crown area)
I am connected to source
I believe and am connected to a higher being. (for me I am
connected to God as my higher being)

There it is!  These are all the 7 chakras and how I am when these energy centres are opened.  When they shut down or, I should say,  if one or two are shutdown, it is extremely helpful to know which ones and to understand this energy system called Chakras.  I am happy to get back to this energy body system and keep my root and heart chakra stronger.  Carol Tuttle is my favorite woman on the internet who lives and dresses and provides life skills in her programs LivingYourTruth/DressingYourTruth

How you may ask if you are still reading this? do you open these energy chakras?  Here is a video to explain how you can do it.  It's easy....

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