I feel like this red leaf
in the middle of its calm colorless
surroundings it is like a flare

that's my tendonitis
and I have had a war
with it

there are certain physical ailments that are painful
and Tendonitis is definitely one of them

mine is in the shoulder/pecs on the right side
pain I could not tolerate
ended up in emergency
3 days after my cortisone shot
and anti-inflammatory meds

they gave me strong pain killers
and stronger anti inflammatory meds
injected my arm with an anti inflammatory
and I went home
and at least slept all night
but I grew worse with nausea and vomiting
to the point I threw out those pain killers

 slapping on my essential oil
Marjoram and Peppermint 
a 20 minute relaxing stretch with my foam roller

Advil extra strength for muscle
and joint pain at bedtime only
and a few regular ibuprofen during the day
and ICE it 4 or 5 times a day!

I can't handle those chemical pain killers and anti-inflammatories
however I am trying an over-the-counter Voltaren Extra Strength gel twice a day as an added
 anti-inflammatory ointment boost

let's see what next week brings?

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