at the resort day

at Asessipi Ski Resort
for the day

The weather was amazingly

lunch eaten and off to the slopes again

hmmm...cozy cabin 

Tom and hubby skiied and I walked around
the lodge trails and out to see the rest of the resort

I got my 10,000 activity steps today too!
I just recently realized that I have been somewhat depressed these last 2 weeks
with this frozen shoulder stress and keeping up with the required exercises 

 I really needed
this day

bright sunshine 
orange toque
and walking around
I really enjoyed the time here

We have no idea what we are doing  New Years Eve
so I need to plan something
They have fireworks at this resort Dec 31st
OR  if weather permits out to Duck Mountain Prov Park
and hike the cross country ski trails

Have a happy year end celebration all!

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