flashlight walk

I can't seem to get the serious Christmas sentimentality
this year

I was going to post something about a time when...
instead tonight we went outside with our
and walked and
took pictures

it was very dark

we had fun with flashlights
and it being so dark you could not see
we never gave it the chance for our eyes
to get used to the darkness

something different
on such a nice

trying to figure out the
better photo --with the flash on
or flash off and needing our flashlights
to see the camera settings

a big secret you may not know
about me is
I am very afraid of the dark
walking out into the night
by myself is scary

so this was a good way to make
the night time
not so scary

of course I had my partner
in crime who just came up last night
for Christmas

he is always game for some different fun

Peace and Goodwill to all this weekend!

1 comment:

wordsartlife said...

I love these photos — what a great, fun and spontaneous idea! You are very adventuresome, Donna. I really admire that quality. I wish you a wonderful, peaceful and loving Christmas season. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! ~ Catherine

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