new things in

Christmas is lit up here now
this is a live Fraser Fir tree
healthy green strong branches 
(it's a winner)

Hubby has been planning- building - cutting - and flooring and putting
up wallboard for our tiny little upstairs bathroom
it's been hard work because of the small space
and Brian is 6' 2" 

The medicine cabinet is to be constructed yet, by hubby.  The
 vanity he built from scratch using Maple wood with natural stain finish;
the floor and wallboards installed by him as well
(I was there for supervision and to keep the loud strange words
from steaming up this little bathroom.  I had it under peaceful control)

the sink is a square bowl and the faucet tap is open at the top
and water flows openly into the bowl.  I have always wanted one of
those - it's cool!

the "before" picture
(the walls had lino glued on every inch of this
bathroom and poorly done at that)

He really worked had at this
reno and did a great job!

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