show and tell

first decoration out tonight

it's peaceful

it is called a Schwibbogen (German Christmas display)
intricately carved by a local German resident here in this fair
city of mine.

I am looking forward to our tree {search-load-unload-thaw
haul in- needles falling on floor- cursing- nice-smelling tree!}

I will also need help this year in decorating...

the last doctor's appt stated
that I have developed a Frozen Shoulder
so I am busy doing physio exercises
and lifting my right arm up cannot be done yet
it's going to take time and rest and especially exercises
I am no longer in pain
but in pain only when I do too much and try to
raise up the stiff shoulder

so tree decorating will be a partnership this year

nothing profound here (just show and tell);
just starting to feel the season's spirit!


Catherine said...

Oh those Frozen Shoulders - not fun! I had it in both shoulders (not at the same time). Yes, it does indeed take time. Glad the pain is not as bad anymore. It's unbelievable how our body sometimes SHOUTS at us huh?
Wishing you and your little family a most wonderful Christmas Donna!
xo Catherine

Donna said...

Thanks for sharing your shoulder story. That is what I am a bit concerned about...going into the other shoulder. It is so much better now. Merry Christmas to you Catherine and your family!

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