how do I get 8000 steps at age 60

I learned to use a fitness tracker
last year and find that it keeps me accountable
and on track with regular activity.

This is the bellabeat clip on tracker I use
8000 steps per day is attainable for me and
beneficial to my heart, blood pressure, blood sugar levels

 in winter I walk at our walking track in the city 

trotting a horse is amazing workout
for rider and horse

get to the lakes and swim as much
as I can

 beachbody DVD fitness dance fun
 I can get 4000 steps by doing a dance fitness DVD in 
30 minutes 

canoeing is great but hard on my shoulders
so only a couple times a year on this activity

 ride my horse in the yard

just walk outside

 love love love hiking around the lakes in
the fall

 hiking in winter with white snow and

pretty trails with nature is so relaxing

I don't mind the treadmill a few times a year (but this is
my last resort in extreme cold weather if I need the steps)

I am retired and can really get the fitness in
but it is still a mind set to do it. The benefits
are incredible to my health!


Tommy's Puppet Lab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna said...

oh yes had my first physio appt this week and she will just fine tune what is left to heal and also so I understand my issues and how to resolve and maintain a good shoulder! love you Tommy's Puppet Lab :)

Catherine said...

This is awesome Donna! Good for you. On Jan 7th I will have been using/wearing my fitbit for 4 years! Only missed one day. And there is very few days in a year that I miss getting my steps in. It truly does inspire to move more. FAN-TASTIC!
Happy New Year friend!
xo Catherine

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