this is a photo I took in 2014 
it was quite a hefty dramatic event 
that Brian and I made happen out in our new yard just shortly
after we moved to our new acreage in the south eastern part of the province

 I took a pic
before the event began

do you know what it is?

our new home on this acreage had one piano 
sitting in the living room that desperately needed a piano tuner and repair work done
 we did not want it, but it came with the house.
I had my
piano I moved into the basement which was my grandmothers and
it is still in top working condition

I paid a mover from "The Brick" store to move it out onto our front
deck.  They were unloading and moving our new furniture and dining set into our
home and I gave them some extra $ to move this piano to the deck outside.
  I tried to sell it/donate it on Kijiji and locally with interest and's difficult to pick up
a piano and take it somewhere else.


Brian took his front end loader and picked it up off the
deck (this was tricky but it got accomplished without
ruining our deck)

we burned it
it was really something and quite
sad to see this burn {sigh}

 I did keep the very ornate music stand that was on
this piano. 

I have my grandmother's piano.
It is over 100 years old and plays beautifully
with a tune up every few years!

yes, it was a horrible misery to get this down into yet another
basement (eeks)  it was in Swift Current home too; to note, 
both boys took piano lessons from it as well;
is quite a treasure for me.

I have my grade six piano and I am so grateful my parents
gave me the opportunity to take lessons because I now appreciate and enjoy in my maturing years!

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Tommy's Puppet Lab said...

It is a very nice piano with a good history. Love the picture at the top!

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