Let's Talk - my turn

I was 23 when I went
to the doctor.
Life and my job at SaskTel
just got overwhelming.
I couldn't understand my
feelings I just walked out of
the office one day crying.  It was all
too much for my mind.  All I can
remember was  feeling OVERWHELMED!
It was my own mother who finally sent me to the doctor.

I went on medication for
6 months
It helped me.  It put me back on track.

When my eldest son took his life 13 years ago, this unexplainably
 pushed me to a
twisted perspective like a fork in the road
which way do I go?
 Victim Services was
at our house.  Brian and I were really scared!  We had not seen our son for a couple of
days and I knew I had lost him before
knowing it officially happened. A mother's instinct.

They had a counsellor contact me by phone.
She said to me "Donna do not go into that
dark hole.  You don't want that. You are of
no value to anyone close to you if you fall."

 I could feel myself
swirling and spinning down into that 

I snapped out of it because her voice
resonated with me I guess.
My job, I told myself is to learn from it.  
I have learned alot about mental illness +
depression; as much as God allowed me to
handle it.  

I couldn't save my son
I could save myself and learn why this
happened.  I had 3 days to grieve before it was confirmed.
I just knew where my son was at and we were too late.

Surprisingly or not surprisingly whichever way you look at this
I never did take any medication.   I sure wish
my son would of had that opportunity
to have tried medication though.

We just didn't realize until too late.
Perfect parents we weren't and nobody
is !

Just ask for help.
  There are people
to assist you.  You will feel better if you
talk to a professional like a doctor or a trusting

Let's Talk!


Sherry Gilbert said...

So encouraging! Thank you for sharing and educating people from your heart. You are a beautiful person! XO

wordsartlife said...

Thank you for sharing, Donna! You are an incredible woman: strong, kind and caring. Your posts are insightful and empowering.

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