Kirkville Poetry

February finally;
I am so glad.
Days are longer.
I am not so sad.

Exercising is
more effort
this time of year.

knowing once its done
I have won
and had fun, working out
and being out!

I look at holiday pics,
on you-know-where?
Feeling envious
I am not going anywhere.
Then I remember, the
energy it takes, to
travel there and
I say "let them pack",
I'll do
my walking,
my writing,
my reading, 
{lots of that}
as I sit back

Oh didn't you know?
I joined the local choir.
I sing once a week.
Every once in a while
there is a squeak!
That's me!

I visit my folks in
the Queen City,
My mother is
fighting old age.
My dad accepts it with

Hubby mucks about with
his horses;
good exercise, he says.
 Setting up training,
to keep them in line,
when it's horseback riding season
He hauls the water,
forks hay,
mucks horse shelter stalls,
buys bales,
moves snow with his tractor,
everything on this
Yorkton frontier 
is a factor!

It's easier to be a poet,
to tell of days going by.
Posting pictures
is easier than baking a pie (no like)
now I am getting silly
I can be a willy.

Be genuine be true!
in Canada we are!
I'm proud and happy to reside here 
thus far!

For now Kirkville!

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