just because it's Feb 20th

We are in the beginnings of planning our family
holiday for the end of 2017 with
our son and just got off the phone with him.
It was a longer conversation than we usually
have and I love that.

Just putting out a "pump" to watch his new you tube channel
It is a youth channel for anyone
crazy about the video game series

He makes head masks, full size puppets
with just paper mache, glue, paint, felt markers, 
glow paint and sometimes makes cloth costumes for
them too!  lots of fun and scary!

here is the link

This is Ziggy and Mantracker 

Why is this picture here you may ask?
Just 'cause.  This horse is very friendly, super athletic (good blood-lines)
and all-round easy to ride EXCEPT once he is on a canter or lope
you will require skilled riding to slow him down!

8 days left in February
4 weeks until SPRING!

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