my feelings with a horse

A mood-lifting 30 minutes for myself
is to just work with a horse
on the ground;
and when hubby and I play with them
together or I am assisting with a bit
of the training
it is a great way for us to do something active

I couldn't get Tuko across this new
bridge Mantracker built to add to
his horse training props .....
aha...but I got on the bridge so
Tuko trained me as he wouldn't step on it (horses are smart)

Mantracker got him across it of course
because he is always with a horse
and knows this horse's course

anyway... horses are a therapy to me!
Being around them, especially if it is 
one on one, whether riding or just playing with 
them on the ground; it seems things make sense for
the rest of the day and big problems get smaller, daily irritations
go away.  It is a beautiful feeling.

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