plush and paint

I seem to have time on my hands
so this is what I have been up to
this week

my new floor rug;
it is plush and I can
squish my bare toes on it.
{decision photo made here}

added some new pillows for balance
as my friend advised me to do

this pillow is from my folks
a few years back
both of them were avid golfers
as was my grandpa Trembley
I love it!

I had a couple of cupboard doors that
we took off  and I decided to paint on it
(go big or go home!)

drawing in proportion

here is a funny tree face
I just wanted to colour!

I am facing this month with as much positivity
as I can summon
so when one is idle it means you are given
opportunity to have fun or create or travel, whatever spins "your ponytail"!

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