speedy creek stopover

We were at our son's place for an overnighter on

Tommy had severe water damage in October.
He is just getting all the renos completed this month through
his insurance.  All flooring is replaced including the master bedroom and
master bath.  It has taken 6 months and he is still working with Service Master
to complete the reinstall of cupboards/counter top in kitchen.  
He has literally lived in chaos and mess all winter.

all 3 of us spent most of the visit putting his place
back together and a huge haul to the garbage dump. 

He was appreciative of our work visit and has most of it back together!

 coffee time 

I went to a a social house party at my friend's house
Friday night and saw and connected with alot of Innovation Credit Union employees
I worked with for many years.  It was very fun to meet up with them again.

Tom's bedroom is renewed and looking good.  He has trouble finding
places for his large papermache gaming characters that he creates and
shares on his you tube channel.   He needs a studio.

It was a fun and productive weekend!

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