emotions of spring

I am getting overwhelmed with all
the oncoming spring distractions,
like lazy about planning supper,
deciding where I should go walking.
I am cleaning out clothes I haven't worn
all year and donating.

 I am energetically manifesting more money for
fun 2017 summer and fall activities.  

I 've booked a womans' weekend retreat
in the scary "Trumpland" at Salt Lake City Utah for fall.
(very excited about that)

My previous interest in gemstones is calling me back.
People ask what are gemstones, minerals and crystals?
They are rocks!  Collected and some mined from countries
all over the world.  You may own a bracelet and earrings
or pendants that are gemstones.  Most are polished and some
are rough cut.  

This is a red-brown jasper precious gemstone
I wire wrapped it in craft wire and made
a pendant necklace.  Yay me!

This blog has been going for 9 years and I now changed the template and color
 because it was time for
something simpler and more eye catching to look at.  I am having some frustration with changing the header picture.  I like that picture but it is not my photo.  That's okay for now.  

I have had 2 skin tags removed and my physiotherapy for my right shoulder is almost done.  

I am now dancing my way to Latin Rhythm music with Kathy Smith.  She is 65 years old now.  It is fast but fun and I don't have to lift weights or hold a plank position or do sit ups.  Just move my feet to the music.

I just found another distraction; my husband finished my art easel.  I can stand and paint or draw
and it's portable!

The community choir and me as an Alto 1 singer has been challenging
but good for me.  A concert this Sunday and then the final May 7.
I have to practice at home because I am not that strong of a singer.
My piano training helps immensely.

Also horses running around and training is getting revved up as the riding area is
dry now.

Blessed spring emotions and distractions can make me crazy but a it's a good crazy!

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