your natural colours

I am living and dressing my truth
with Carol Tuttle's programs
and the 4 types of nature and
style guide colours are confusing
to alot of us.

My nature is rich dynamic swift moving multi-tasking
person.  So the framed colour chart on the bottom
left on this wall are my colours/shades/tones to wear as
these colours match my true nature of movement.

what a great idea for someone to get all 4 and
put them on their wall. 

I am not saying much more
as you have to be a dressing your truth
member or at least sign in for the free
short video to learn your type.

my hubby is a bold still movement and his
is the bottom right colour guide.

here is the link to the
free video

it is a fun work in progress and I have been living 
and dressing my truth for 4 years. So enjoy!


Alexis said...

Hi Donna, beautiful blog. I drive by your acreage every day and am amazed by your horses (especially the paint). I noticed your last name on the fence and wanted to see if I could reach you. Hopefully I am not upsetting you with this post. But to get to the point, I am curious if you and your husband need someone to excessive your horses if you two don't have enough time. I have lots of experience and still take weekly lessons. I have a 2 year old filly at home and cannot afford another horse (just finished college) but I am looking to see if anyone nearby needs extra help with theirs so I can ride more than once a week at my lessons. Most of my knowledge is natural horsemanship, I have followed Monty Roberts, Jonathan Field, and Clinton Anderson. I have ridden many different disciplines as well, and I could even get a reference for you in you like. Again, I am sorry is this was invasive in any way, but please let me know if you would like to discuss further.

Donna said...

thank you Alexis for putting yourself out there My hubby Brian is farming with his brother right now so I will give him this message and he can contact you. He is the horse trainer and rider I ride but not enough to keep all the horses exercised. I am not upset by your comment. Have a great day!

Alexis said...

Sounds good Donna, thank you very much. My email is Have a great day!

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