S K N with the i

10 days ago my skin on my legs
reacted to the shaving
I was using coconut oil to shave
but my legs did not like the razor and oil this
I have had quite a time with figuring out how to
moisture this time
i put on aloe vera gel and it lasted a few hours then
got super itchy and then coconut oil another day
ouch.. it didn't like that.

I have been wearing pants outside
(in this weather not a problem)
then by 5 pm I can't handle the itch

I looked at the baking soda on the
kitchen counter and remembered that
my son needed it in his bath for his
skin years ago

well I put that in the tub water and it got
itchy itch and I was scratching
until all of a sudden it subsided
later that evening my skin felt so smooth
and no itch.  It is now 2 days later
and no problem with my leg itch.

I think...just my diagnosis here; that I have been busy with a new property
and gardening and I did a lot travelling for Mother's day weekend

my skin is the largest organ on my body
so I am listening to that now

 went to bed at 8 o'clock twice
this week and I am feeling very settled and
I let go of my silly concerns
and thanked the baking soda!

now what do I put on it to keep it moist?
{happy skin now}

I know that hyalauronic acid in lotions is a good thing for me.  I use SKNAddix products.  It contains this acid.  I have Aveeno for eczema moisturizing lotion but that has only worked for a short time.  EPSOM salts tends to aggravate as well.  Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut Oil is out for now apparently.  My homemade soaps work well for my skin but for moisturizing my skin for lotion use?  well - its a guinea pig wheel - some days one lotion works the other days it does not.  My diet could be a bit better I am a type 2 diabetic and but, blood sugar is good these days.   How are things with your skin?

I am amazed that one thinks you are stress free
but like blood pressure and other things in your system
worrying about things that are really just the "small stuff" is a problem
because when you prolong that worry-ness your body lets you know.

two rules to follow:
1) don't sweat the small stuff
2) it's just small stuff
{Robert Elliott)


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