soap is a homemade staple

This morning I cut my soap
mould open to slice the new bars to store in a
box for a few weeks.

I have been making soap for 2 years
and hubby and I really love it.
We both are very sensitive with
lotions and soaps from retail providers.

This recipe I use consists of
olive oil, coconut oil, almond milk;
I put in a few sprinkles of
YL essential oil Northern Lights
Black Spruce in the mixture. This oil is
a smell I love and great for the skin.

It is science though.
Making soap requires Lye.
Also making glycerin to use for
making soap requires Lye.  

After 6 weeks of
storing the new made soap
the Lye saponifies which means it is no
longer in your soap.  Even though you don't like
the idea of it Lye is what makes soap.

you need some equipment:

food weigh scale
food thermometer
soap mould
soap cutter
hand held immersion blender (or smart stick)
a big pot set aside for just
mixing your soap oils and liquids and lye

this is the best part of making your own soap
you can choose your own moulds.  I choose the
long wooden mould I ordered on line as
it makes one big long log and I can cut my own
size of bar.

I have flopped one new recipe I tried as
the oil I used was sunflower and canola oil
it never took the canola oil.  That was my error
in not checking the oil before using.

I now have a good almost never fail recipe!

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