shoe show and tell

I am talking shoes here as 
it is a good day to go through
my foot wear for the new seasons upon us, because,
it is a cold and windy day for May 17th
and I am inside cleaning out closets.

 black Jana shoes for choir
Rieker sandals 

Naot ankle boots (best boot) you can tell
I have worn them out but they still are comfy!

I admit I am a shoe person
and I like high quality shoes
It is a necessity to have shoes and several
kinds to protect our feet in all kinds of
weather and activity so I of course have several
pair..  Some of you will have more than me or less
than me.  (is that sentence grammatically correct?)

The point is
I want my feet to look good
and I want it to compliment
my outfits too.

Shoes is one of my more abundant uses
of my money and if I purchase well
then the value is there for a good serviceable

I have fitness shoes for my workouts
and I do alot of walking too
Merrells are the blue at the farthest end
then the grey and pink are Skechers
and my sandal runners are Keen

this display here is a project to see
what shoes I am not going to wear this summer
and the verdict is that I will wear all of them !!

my favourite brand/make of shoe is
Josef Seibel shoes (like these above)

don't forget my rainy weather muddy rubber boots
(why I have 2 pair?  just because I liked the leopard

This was a fun project and
I am very GRATEFUL that I can own this many pairs of
footwear.  How many pairs of footwear do you own?

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Catherine Johnston said...

SHOES!!! I, like you, Donna,love shoes. I am going to have to clean out my closet and count the pairs that are living in there! I have a lot, I know, but I think you have me beat…

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