physical joys

I am riding again.
5 rides in the last 2 weeks.
I am fit and strong now
my shoulders and back are 
flexible and I am amazed at my
energy and level of health as I enjoy
this 6th decade.

I am so happy to do this one thing,
this one horse and rider
team physical activity.

It boosts my self confidence
and I am riding a good 10 year old
mare to boot!

We have good horses here on kirkville
for riding!  2 of them are getting very senior of course
like Rocky and Ben.  Ziggy is still the first horse
to grab for a ride and Brushetta follows along with him.

I have been trotitng in the riding arena most evenings
and I even warmed up a horse for the therapeutic
riding session last Tuesday.

Now my plan is to do some cantering/loping.
Everything is coming back to me
all the lessons and clinics
and Mantracker instructions.

This is a most pleasurable summer
exercise.  It almost equals being at the lakes
and dipping my body into the waters.

"Summer time ...where the living is easy" tune comes to

The skies blow in lots of wind this season
The evenings
tend to calm down just enough
to enjoy a ride.
I rode inbetween all our tree rows
around our property last night. That was kinda cool!

I haven't lasted long in shorts or even capris yet but
it will happen.

"in the saddle once more....💬  "  🎼

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