small and proud

this is a sarcastic post
(a little bit it is)

We go to the 150th Canada Day
Celebration at our Western Development Museum
on July 1st
there was singing and dancing
Historical Vikings in costume,
with all the tools and handicraft
of their lifestyle; as well as a demo
of how they fought and died and survived (interesting).

Brian went to get a Canada Day cupcake or
piece of cake, so we thought, as last year they had
a huge table with cupcakes free for the taking,
all decorated with red and white icing.  It was kind of
(Canada Day 2016)

this year there was no cupcakes or cake to be found
and they gave out small tiny Canada pins.
(very tiny)

 (can you see it?)
I am small but mighty.

this day was for kids at the museum grounds
that is for sure
so we grabbed a hamburger and a fudgsicle
and departed.  All good just expected more!

We saw the fireworks last night and they were good
but nothing too special just kind of the same as usual.
I suppose I was expecting more extravagance?  feel more special as a Canadian citizen (spoil alert)!


Sandy said...

Sounds like you should have headed over to our block party!

Donna said...

should of put out an invite (haha) maybe next year Sandy!

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