technicalities on riding

okay I have muscle tension
I am attempting to re-train my riding
hand positions to keep the upper shoulders
more relaxed

so I need to repost these photos....

as you can see below my hands are turned with
the top of thumbs up

 I have my heels down in this above photo (that's a check mark) ...but hands in wrong position...{sigh}

ok this is better top of thumbs up while holding the reins
and my heels are moving downward

It used to drive me insanely crazy learning this preciseness. I can now see
the benefits when heels are down (I am grounded in my saddle) and my neck and shoulders
are more relaxed with "top of thumbs up".  I sense the horse feels more fluid when I position
myself correctly.

I can ride more relaxed and fluid as well as the horse. Cool stuff!

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