what was the best part of your day

A friend of mine
told me this line she
always said to her kids while growing up
(you know who you are friend)

What was the best part of your day?
at bedtime this was asked
no matter what type of day was experienced

I always use this line now even with my hubby
and my son

There is always something to pick out of the day.  Usually lots
of things pop up; subtle and joyous moments

For me, so far today has been the power of technology
i used during my walk on a secondary road
this morning, I listened to a meditative voice
as I walked; we can be guided however we choose

Even though I had a headache this morning and still do
I felt the delicious leafy greens of my salad ingest me with
something natural and colorful - I enjoyed my salad and it was
just leaf green lettuce leaves with some bits of celery in it
and a couple of chunks of tomatoe with my favourite greek-feta
salad dressing

some other moments this month....

tall forest trees at Riding Mountain National Park
took my breath away 

this simple wild rose

sitting in my own living room and noticing
the light from the night lite and the dining room window
shine just perfectly for me to enjoy

What was the best part of your day?

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