First off, our children come first so......things are "super fantastic" with my son
Tommy's Puppet Lab has over 50,000 subscribers as of
yesterday (yay)!  the families and children love his

flying over Utah

I am going to be
a women who has the  time to get together to celebrate with other women and invest $$ in self-care!
We are a necessary and integral part of this world and when we invest hugely
in being together..... well everyone benefits.

I Love My Life!

I love sharing my thoughts, not opinions, but have a point of view
that respects others but shows a perception that isn't politics
I watched Wonder Woman last night and what a timely movie
with a message of war and how easy it is to hate.  I am simple minded
I choose love!

(yes, got my ticket for next year, and so does my sister!)

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