my face-my nature

4 years ago I was sitting
in our Regina condo
and was on facebook and
free offer to discover your natural movement
and profile by living your truth by dressing your truth showed
up on my page.
I jumped in a took the free lesson
I had no problem figuring out what type I was.

It was so much fun and so
intriguing to understand and learn
about my "flaws" and all the good there
is about who I am.

I have not looked back

I am soon flying to Salt Lake City Utah and participating in a weekend
retreat with 400 women all over the world who are flying in just like me to
learn more about why I do the things the way I do and that it is a gift to the world and
how to have confidence to know that it is!

My husband has find out his type and it helps so much in our marriage because he is
a different profile than I.  It is so cool.

I am beyond excited to get their on Sept 21 and talk colors, fabrics, how
to match that with my energy and natural characteristics.  It is so much more
than clothes but yet it is about beauty and learning that we are who we are
and it is a gift.  Even the way I use money and my decision making process that
I now understand completely and it is all okay.  It's me!

1 comment:

Catherine Johnston said...

Donna, have fun on this adventure! It sounds like an exciting and empowering event! You are awesome! :)

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