Wednesday works

what is your best season?

Mine is Hallowe'en and it never
gets old for me at my age

I just like a bit of creepiness
in my life and those.... come on - those
costumes alone are endless
in creativity!

on another topic: tonight for supper it is fish
and roasted potato sides

here is the recipe
I used regular potatoes and threw in some
left over carrots from the fridge

i am getting back into Young Living Essential Oils
and I put these oils on the bottom of my feet only
and I do this everyday.

I don't have to worry about skin reactions if they
are too harsh for me as they are powerful
and even with a carrier oil sometimes
I can't put them on topically so the bottoms
of the feet is the 2nd best place to apply.
They work!

Have a good one!

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