My Artist Page

"The thing about being an artist that’s so radical," says Kiki Smith, "is that it’s self-defined. You just one day say you’re an artist. You don’t have to be a good one, or any particular kind of one. You just say, ‘That’s what I am.’" Kiki Smith

(watercolour on canvas)

 (watercolor on old cupboard door)

(nail polish splatter)

(watercolor paint and oil paint markers and acrylic paint)

(watercolor and oil-based paint marker)

St Patty's fun

this cherry blossom tree was a paint nite painting
I had been to 2 paint nites already and decided to
have a private paint night at home (this on an old cupboard door)

Winter Scene
(another Paint Nite - Kinettes)

Tree of Tranquility (Paint Nite)

       moody girl                                         horse butt sticking out                  desk lamp

 weaving and out...

my smudgy web
so many things interacting in my life
mostly good things
a little bit of darkness and bad energy though
the web I drew here is
inspired by the spider webs hanging in-between
the corners of our horse fences

sometimes I think I just stick to things and hang out
and catch whatever comes
sometimes I smudge things up
and other times things are precise and clear


This is Halee - she is ready for a holiday!

I'm Luvy!  I want to fall in love!

Starla (a star is born)

Dexter the dexterious

Casey - he is feeling uncomfortable

Sunburned Sally

Janetta - she is deciding what to wear for her date tonight!

glue gun cowboy jean holder

(i ordered a pair of distressed blue jeans on-line and I ordered my size as I have ordered
blue jeans there before so size 12 was the selected size for these pair as well.  I get them today
and they are so small I could not close them around my bum let alone my waist.  I was going to
return them.  I did this instead.  I cut them up.  I saved the pockets and then
glued the pockets onto stiff cardboard.  The hardware and stitching is very
attractive around the pockets so here is the end result of me being mad. This was childish but
a whole lot of fun!)


A man I once knew
(feltmarkers/pastel pencil)

zig zag water park

The Seer

"Olla" - she loves fashion! 

watercolour paint

watercolour pencil


This is Roger - roger this, roger that he is listening for orders

soup da kanasana - I am curled up with my friends "happy"

Egg-actly off balance

I'm Slekman and I am busy going at my own speed.  Not everyone elses!

I'm Werthrom - thanks for noticing I am different!

Hobbies Type 3 woman - that's me

can you relate to this video? I am in this conversation in my head by nodding silently  I am a dominant type 3 woman! I hav...